Documentary Resources

Online Databases

The Centre’s academic databases are search tools and information dissemination tools produced within or alongside its research programmes.

Creating our databases

Although databases are not set up for every research programme, they exist for subjects that involve high volumes of complex data and/or significant cross-referencing.

The Centre staff and research teams work together to decide the structure of the database, the fields and search options. Development is then carried out internally, entrusted to external service providers or partners of the Centre.

Content is added to the database from researchers’ work files or entered directly, either by the Research Centre teams or by researchers, at the centre or remotely.

The database goes live after scientific validation.

All of our databases are integrated into our online resources portal.

Access directly to the Image Database. The Image Database produced by the Research Centre achieves two fundamental objectives: on the one hand, it conserves and promotes iconographic collections, and on the other, it forms an indispensable documentary resource for the Palace of Versailles, (...)
Access directly to the Bibliographic Database (in French). In view of the widespread dispersal of articles and works about Versailles and life at court from the 17th to the 19th century, the need for a tool giving researchers quick access to these extremely important sources became evident, and (...)
Access directly to the Biographical Database (in French). This database was designed to bring together all the biographical notes produced both by the Centre’s researchers in the course of their research, and those discovered in the course of drawing up indexes of the Centre’s publications. It (...)
Interoperable digital publishing site, final production of the Franco-German research project-“Art and Architecture in German Travel Accounts to Paris and Versailles in the Baroque Era” in human and social sciences (programme FRAL 2016 DFG - ANR). _ Access the digital publishing site directly. (...)
Access directly to the Visitors to Versailles Database (in French). This database is part of the research programme “Court identities and the myth of Versailles in Europe: perception, adherence and rejection (18th-19th centuries)”, led by the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles, directed (...)
Access directly to the Etiquette Database (in French). This database brings together sources taken from normative texts and/or memoirs from the French court in the modern era. It has been formulated as part of the research programme “Court etiquette: normative texts and customs”, the aim of which (...)
Access directly to the Hortus Database (in French). This database brings together sources about plants in the great gardens of Europe in the modern era. It has been developed within the framework of the “Plants in the Major European Gardens of the Modern Era” research programme which aims to (...)
Access directly to the “VDSE” Database (in French). The Exterior Decorative Work of Versailles database by Béatrix Saule, general curator and director of the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles, was jointly produced by the Établissement public du Musée et du domaine national de Versailles (...)
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