Le petit Louis XV. Enfance d’un prince, genèse d’un roi (1704-1725)

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Pascale Mormiche, Le petit Louis XV. Enfance d’un prince, genèse d’un roi (1704-1725), Ceyzérieu: Éditions Champ Vallon, collection “Époques”, October 2018, 448 p., 15,5 x 24 cm, €27 (ISBN: 979-10-267-739-4).


September 1715: Louis XIV dies. February 1723: Louis XV comes of age.

Between public life and private life, between Versailles and Paris, a child-king grew up and was trained with nothing left to chance. The book describes this period of some ten years during which a young king and the Regent allowed changes to take place to an absolutism that had to be reformed in order to survive.

Following the daily life of a royal childhood, we see the infant survive the torments of childhood illnesses and undergo early paediatric treatments, the young boy beginning to learn and form his character, the educated young man asserting his preferences against a background of an explosion of scientific advances and a renewal of the arts, until the time when Louis XV came of age, was crowned and married.

Pascale Mormiche is agrégée de l’université and a doctor in modern history. She teaches at l’université de Cergy-Pontoise. Specialising in the education of princes and elites, she has published Devenir Prince, l’école du pouvoir en France (XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles) (Cnrs éditions, 2009) et, avec Stanis Perez, Naissance et petite enfance à la cour de France (éditions du Septentrion, 2016).

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