GDR “Inventory of plant species introduced into the national territory” (2016...)

Following on from its research programme “Plants in the great European gardens of the modern era” and the online publication of the Hortus database, the Centre de Recherche was asked to join the “Inventory of plant species introduced into the national territory: archaeophytes and neophytes of France” research group (GDR-ANF).

This group aims to produce an inventory of plant species previously (archaeophytes) or recently (neophytes) introduced to mainland France.

Although a growing body of research is currently ongoing to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in plant introduction processes, these studies remain primarily focused on a small number of taxa (species with the strongest impact) or habitats. With regard to older introductions, the scientific community has long limited itself to the study of cultivated species, with a number of recent advances in the integration of the flora accompanying crops (notably messicole species). Lastly, botanists at the Conservatoires Botaniques Nationaux are carrying out a number of regional inventories, the diversity of which has not been fully exploited.

The GDR aims to bring these communities together (archaeobotany, history of botany, botany, phytogeography, ecology of plant invasions) in order to decompartmentalise their respective fields of research and bring a broader taxonomic and temporal dimension to the problem of plant introductions. By cross-referencing the concepts and tools used by these communities, this project strives to advance research on plant invasions in the long-term (over several millennia). The shared added-value of this inventory will be the responses it provides to the research concerns of each community while bringing to light new concerns, and thus incorporating France into the summary projects undertaken at European level.


Project leaders: Cécile Brun, lecturer at the Université of Nantes, and Guillaume Fried, laboratory of the santé des végétaux in Montpellier (ANSES) (France).

For futher information, contact Cécile Brun.

The CRCV participated in the study for the establishment of the database from 2016 to 2019.

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